May I know the minimum number per group travel?
10 people for Share, 16 people for Cube, 20 people for Space.

Do you have a package for two or individual stay in The Plantation?
No, we only cater a house unit for our group’s stay.

What is the bedding provided for us?
We will provide a Single bed mattress for each of our guests.

All the above seems interesting, can I know what is the package rate?
You may write to us to inquire more about the pricing at

Can I know if I can stay in Loft (Tree House)?
Normally, Loft can only be utilized for accommodation if we received a greater number than what Cube could support. Loft acts as an annex building to Cube.

Can I know if I can stay in Loft (Tree House)?
Normally, Loft can only be utilized for accommodation if we received a greater number than what Cube could support. Loft acts as an annex building to Cube.

Do you provide any sorts of basic toiletries arrangement or towels?
No, we do not provide any toiletries for our guests’ use. You may bring your own items for that purpose.

Do we need to bring our own tablewares, utensils, cutleries?
Our kitchen comes equipped with its own tablewares, utensils, and even cutleries. We are using gas-powered stove that you can use to prepare your dinner and lunch. We also have BBQ pit for your perusal.

Do you have any special promotion for children?
Yes we do have special promotion for children based on their age group(s):
Age 8 yrs old & above: Normal price
Between 4 and 7 yrs old: 50% off
Age 3 yrs old and below: Free admission

Can I bring my hair-dryer, induction cooker, electric stove, toaster or even coffee maker?
Unfortunately, The Plantation runs on solar energy which is self-sustainable and eco-friendly. Hence, we discouraged and would not allow our guests to bring these kind of electrical appliances since it would strain our electrical circuit in The Plantation.

May I know what do you normally provide for Breakfast in the package?
Our menu for breakfast: Fried Mee Hoon / Yam Porridge / Fried Rice, Fried Eggs (Telur Mata Lembu), Nuggets, Pandan / Banana Cakes, and Hot Beverages e.g Tea or Coffee.
Note: Subjected to ingredients availability

Do you have a fridge or oven?
No we do not have a fridge provided at The Plantation as well an oven. However, we do provide a large ice box that you can use to store your own cold items.
Note: You need to bring your own ice and charcoal over to The Plantation.

Is there any transport provided by The Plantation for us to reach there?
No, we do not provide any transport.

Other than water-tubing, is there any river activities that we can do during our stay?
You may organized water-based activities in the river such as fishing and playing in the water.

How far the nearest town from The Plantation?
The nearest town is Karak and it is located just 20 minutes away from The Plantation.

Can I know if The Plantation is suitable for camping activity?
Yes, The Plantation is suitable for camping activities and we do provide tents as alternative to the units provided, at differentiating prices.

May I know if The Plantation are toddlers and pet-friendly?
Yes, our location is safe for little children to come and experience the nature in The Plantation. You may even bring your pet here as we welcome animals.

Can I know when is the fruit season and what kind of fruits can be find in The Plantation?
We have Durian, Mangosteen, Rambutan, Banana, Pineapple, and Papaya grown in The Plantation. As for the fruit season, it would spurt between June – August annually.

How long would it take to reach your place from Kuala Lumpur?
It would approximately take about an hour and fifteen minutes to reach Karak town and another twenty minutes to reach our place from Karak town.

We have the concerns of our vehicle reaching your place safely.
Rest assured that normal vehicles is more than capable to reach The Plantation safely. Even buses and van coaches have reached our site before.

I have a concern for security. What are the securities like over there?
We have guard dogs in The Plantation which help to keep the place safe and secured. Additionally, we have our personnels roaming the site to ensure any suspicious characters does not venture into our compound.
If you have concerns about the dogs e.g Muslims, we keep them in the dog house so they would not disrupt your stay in The Plantation

What are the types of room that can be found in The Plantation?
For Share and Cube, it will be an open-concept sleeping area without wall partition and located on the first floor. It comes equipped with a bed, pillow, blanket, as well a mosquito net to ensure comfort at night.
As for Space, you are provided with a cubicle room instead of an open-concept sleeping area. Each room have its own bamboo blinds acting a make-shift door, bed, pillow, blanket and even a mosquito net.

What kind of activities and facilities that are provided by The Plantation?
At The Plantation, we will provide the following activities as kind of team building or retreat. We only provide the tools, facilities, and basic guidance and you need to lead the activities yourself.
– Cooking in our fully equipped kitchen. We encourage our guests to cook by themselves over here. As for BBQ, we will provide the grill, some basic equipment. You may bring more food to DIY your barbecue party as well.
– River access.
– Water-tubing (self-leading with material we offer)
– Swim in the Bay (swimming pool) surrounded by the rain forest.
– e-Ball (volleyball)
– Star-gazing
– Complimentary usage of bicycle (3 units available)

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